Anita Narain

“All Art Is Erotic”

The very creative and multi-faceted Anita Narain is a true artist, who conveys her innermost feelings through her paintings. The earthy simplicity in her painting is a personal dialogue with her work. Being spiritually inclined, this creator of art always has the divine power creep into her work.

She works around four elements, which refer to a wide spectrum of thoughts, situations, stages of life and varied emotions. These four elements can be anything from the mind, body, soul and beyond to something as abstract as brightness or darkness, to a blurred state. For this cerebral artist, painting is a spiritual exercise through which she expresses the intangible.

Anita Narain has lived her life amidst art and now her gracious home is replete with her artwork. Being the daughter of an eminent art collector, she has interacted with stalwarts like MF Hussain and Ram Kumar. And so, her work reflects the frequent interactions with famous artists, poets and philosophers like Mohan Rakesh, Dr. Dharamveer Bharti, Kamleshwar, N.S. Bendre and J. Krishnamurti, all of whom not only have influenced her work but attitude towards life.

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