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Every space you spend time in, speaks about you. Whether it’s your home, office, studio or boutique; your personality is at display through the decor you use. At HashtagDécor, we invite you to browse through our wide array of vibrant and vivacious modern wall decor for home, office spaces and more.

Move over canvas prints, the age of metal is here! We provide you with gorgeous prints that can be displayed on metal and wood panels. The innovation doesn’t stop there; we also introduce you to the concept of depth perception by presenting the image on multiple panels. HashtagDécor gives you an interesting outlook on the artwork while creating breathtaking wall decor for your home. Our designs are not for the faint-hearted, they are for the dynamic, daring individuals, who aren’t afraid to venture out of their comfort zone. So pop in and pick your wall decor online!

We're ahead of the age of canvas art and usual wall and desk frames; we are here with wood and metal wall art panels. Let your walls light up with our range of vibrant wall hanging decor and led wall art. Your desktop and walls deserve much more than stagnant placements, step away from the conventional and redundant items, get with the new trend of wall decor. Still photographs and wall art will never be the same. Our state of the art prints and in-depth detailing are sure to transform your walls and grab attention. Choose from our path breaking range of wooden wall hanging art and DC comics’ wall hanging art. The collection features captivating visuals and life-like superhero wall and desk decor. Fill your personal and work space with enticing pieces of high quality modern wall hanging decor. The multi-dimensional prints and detailing in each piece is a result of the mastery of skilled designers and hours of strenuous rendering. It's not just a piece of decor; it is exclusive art you find at HashtagDécor. Your search for high quality and impactful home decor ends here. Elevate the feel of your personal and work space with revolutionary art and designs from the stunning collection only at HashtagDécor.

When speaking about revolutionizing wall decor, we speak of breaking free from the mundane and stepping towards something that is vibrant, visually appealing and lively. With ever evolving art, why should the canvas not? At HashtagDécor, we're changing the way you look at art. With graphics so good and art so breathtaking, we are bringing in a new era of 2 panel wall art. Two is always better than one, and so is our decor. Art spread over two panels gives your walls an enhanced dramatic effect. The technique is sure to add character to the art in your decor. Give your walls the imperial aura of stunning works of art with 2 panel wall art. Buying wall decor online has never been this interesting. Be it your living room, your personal or workspace, these 2 panel wall art pieces never fail to get all the attention. Make your walls the reason everyone is talking about you; give your walls the refreshing touch of multi-dimensional masterpieces crafted with sheer excellence. Choose from our exquisite range of preset artistic themes portrayed on metal and wood panels to adorn your walls. Give your space a sparkle of interest and life with our ever inspiring 2 art panel wall hanging, with HashtagDécor.

Experience art in creative compositions of 3. This section of revolutionary wall decor boasts of 3 panel wall art. For those who aspire for more, these inspiring pieces of art are the perfect additions to your homes. With stunning high definition visuals and high definition colors, every piece has the charm to transcend your abode into a work of beauty and wonder. The panels come together to bring out the best in your walls. Masterfully curated with different panels, these wall art pieces extend the depth perception of the artwork with sheer splendor. The 3 panel wall art is the new mantra of wall decor. These pieces of multi-panel wall art work wonders in every space possible. Entice your visitors at home or your workspace with these inspiring wall hanging decor items. Give your old memories an urban upgrade. Breathe new life into old pictures and wall hangings. Each masterpiece created at HashtagDécor is the outcome of state of the art printing, attention to detail and uncompromising quality. With the option to create your own masterpiece, or engrave the best moments of your life, there is no stone left unturned by this category of splendid wall decor. Liven up your walls with wonderful 3 art panel decor.

More the merrier, this category of 4 panel wall art will inspire you to soar to new heights everyday of your life. HashtagDécor is revamping the online room decor spectrum. Let your walls be a reflection of who you are. Break free from the ordinary and indulge into what the world calls stellar. These artistic creations make for the best statement frames for both office and living spaces. You can choose from a wide range of inspiring wall decor created by various artists and designers alike. Bring home these stunning multi-panel wall art marvels and let them adorn your walls. Let the combined power of four artistic panels spruce up your space with distinct prints and stimulating colors only to make a striking statement. Sync the 4 art panels with your decor to unfold the beauty of a perfectly done home. Bold art or a mesmerizing sight, you can now admire your expressions in a dramatic style. The enthralling wall art at HashtagDécor combined with state of the art printing and rendering will garner all the compliments your space has been missing out on. Pick a piece among the variety of themes that you think will enhance the feel and ambience of your home.

Welcome your guests to the magnificence of a massive display of sheer art. There are only a few words that can describe the beauty of a 5 panel wall art. The composition is brought to life by compiling 5 individual panels. The purpose of having multi-panel wall art is to express one’s persona in a highly dramatic manner. These beautifully synced pieces of art complete each other to create the perfect masterpiece for you to admire. The elements of this state of the art masterpiece have the potential of creating an aura that spreads beyond the art. For those who understand and admire the beauty of true art, this wooden wall hanging decor is a stellar addition to one’s art collection. Place these masterpieces in your living space or office space and have your visitors stare with amazement. The 5 wall art panels make for an esteemed possession for those who embrace life in full size, with the intrigue they provide due to depth perception. Showcase your expression on your walls with soulful masterpieces that are crafted with passion and creativity. Choose from our eclectic and inspiring collection of preset themes or simply customize them to suit your likes. Watch these paintings transform your walls to a display of emotions and exclusive art. Let every wall speak of who you are with HashtagDécor.

Every individual spends a considerable amount of their time at their desk, whether at work, at home or while they’re studying. We need to have some kind of desk decor to keep us from the boring. Gone are the days where your humour found its way only through tees. With HashtagDécor, you can spruce up your desktop with snappy quotes.

We have an array of quirky and fun options printed on acrylic plaques for whenever you need a laugh. We use digital printing techniques on wood and acrylic in multilayer, adding dimension to dish out something that is absolutely ground-breaking. You will find texts, characters and more, jut out a plain surface that is sure to grab attention.

These desktop decor items bring out our tongue in cheek personalities, which is why we help you buy home office decor online. Isn't it amazing to be able to buy office decoration items online; ones that make for the perfect presents to your work pals and loved ones. We are the best place for you to buy modern desk accessories online in India.

Superheroes have been a vital part of growing up. They've been role models, entertainers, the ones we adore. At HashtagDecor, we understand the passion and love a true comic lover possesses. And you can choose from a wide range of official DC comics' wall decor. Yes, you read right! You can now avail official DC superheroes wall decor exclusively at HashtagDecor.

What better way to live your passion than to have a live portrait of your superhero liven up your office and personal living space? HashtagDecor uses advance digital technology, creates wall and desk decor with brilliant colors and multiple layers, leaving an arresting affect.

Be it any age, love for your ultimate superhero should have no bounds. How cool would it be to come home to a massive, larger than life superhero decor? Give your children what they love the most; with HashtagDecor you can curate your kids' room decor. Superhero wall decor makes a great addition to your space, be it your home or your workplace. Wake up to the powers of your favorite heroes and conquer the world with breathtaking pieces of art by HashtagDecor.

We’re not the usual; we create what the world calls stunning. Get inspired everyday with a DC comic wall decor or table top by your side. Enthral your friends with the life-like superhero wall decor made exclusively to suit your likes by HashtagDecor.

Look! Look Up there! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's… Well, everyone knows how it ends. A sentence so iconic, a superhero so dynamic, he will sweep you off your feet.

We bring to you some really cool, exclusive Superman wall art to adorn your home.

Would you not love to bedek your space with Superman home decor? Yes?! Well then the most famous superhero in pop culture is here to amaze. Rocketed to Earth, the Kryptonian grew to become one of the most phenomenal saviors the planet has ever seen.

He's super in all aspects and makes for amazing wall art. Undoubtedly, the most powerful being on the planet, Superman's amazing abilities are too cool to be ignored. A universal icon, the Man of Steel from a faraway land looking to help is home. A living legend that fights corrupt corporate tycoons and evil alien invaders.

There's no stone unturned by this DC comics superhero, his stand for truth and justice has been ever inspiring, which is why we bring to you Official DC comics Superman wall decor. Let the man of steel inspire you to exceed your own limits everyday of your life. With HD quality and state of the art technology, the multi layered superhero art is ready to stun on your walls.

The Superman room decor will get your guests glued to your homes. Get amazed by our collection of inspiring Superman wall and desk decor.

Step into a world full of exciting Batman home decor.

About bat signals, bat mobiles, and stealth moves. The caped crusader is made up of lot more than just high-tech weapons. Millionaire in the day, superhero by dark; Bruce Wayne makes for one of the most feared superheroes time has seen. Our intense passion for Batman is what has led us to create amazing wall art of the fantastic superhero.

He was just a small kid when he had to watch goons gun his parents down during a mugging in the notorious lanes of Gotham City. The crime defined his life, and got him dedicated to becoming the world’s greatest weapon against crime.

Batman is proof that one doesn’t need superpowers to be a superhero. The protector of Gotham city stuns his enemies with stealth and strikes with fear. When the whole city’s fate is at the mercy of notorious villains like bane, the joker and scarecrow, it is the Dark Knight who the civilians look up to. The caped crusader is highly trained in his ways and is always five steps ahead of his foes.

But two questions constantly linger in his crusade against injustice: How far will he go to protect the innocent, and will he do it at the cost of humanity? Adding Batman to your collection will not only increase the beauty of your wall but will also enhance the overall feel of your decor.

HD prints and intricate designs on wood, acrylic and metal will get the added attention to this superhero decor. Intricate cuts and multiple layers is what make these decor products exclusive. Your bedroom decor will never be the same again. Watch the heroic marvels spruce up your room decor game. Get your fix of The Dark Night even at work; don't forget to check our exclusive collection of Batman desk décor.

She's a heartthrob, and has mastered the art of cat burglary. Selina kyle, has lead many lives as the feline fatale and is known to the world as Cat woman. The dame has even captured the heart of the dark crusader and comes to your walls in the form of exclusive Cat woman home decor.

Growing up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods. An orphaned Selina took to crime for the sake of her self and the ones around her.

The vivacious villainess and a master at hand-to-hand combat; the cat masked stealthy ninja has the city’s rich and corrupt on her list comes to add to the awesomeness of your wall decor. Cat woman comes with her burglarious nature and antagonistic origins, so does our chic collection of inspired room decor. She balances between the fine line that separates heroes and villains. She watches the world in shades of gray, and has arguable reasons to justify her ways. Selina at various occasions serves as one of the Dark Knight's closest allies. With so many attributes to offer, it is criminal to not add the magnificence of Cat woman to your bedroom decor. You can choose to exhibit her finesse by decorating your room with our range of amazing wall art, or be inspired by her at while at work with high definition desk decor.

He’s a maniac, one with a constant wide smile. He kills for joy and has his own personal style. The Joker makes for Gotham’s ultimate nightmare and is one of the sickest characters making for insane wall art.

The madman dresses like a clown and commits heinous crimes. The serial killer and super villain is unquestionably the most recognized and popular comic book villain in pop culture history. With his psyched philosophy of life, crazed smile and rad attire, the Joker can effortlessly add to the beauty of your existing room decor.

He doesn't really require any motivation, his sadistic desires to show people the meaninglessness of life through pain and death is all that drives him. The narcissist constantly evolves his personality and psychosis to reflect to the world he lives in. The brilliance of the insanity of his character has gotten him fans from different parts of the world. It is this insanity, valor and character about Joker that has led us to create stunning bedroom decor.

He’s not just any villain; the joker is Batman’s nemesis and Gotham City’s greatest enemy. The epitome of ‘craziness’ has not hesitated to kill Robin or crippling Bat woman. The Joker spends most of his time in Arkham Asylum and promises not to harm you if you made him part of your home decor.

Adding Joker to your collection will not only result in you having insane multi layered wall decor but will also showcase your love for the character. The Joker is always up to some mischief. Don't just restrict your craze for the amazing villain, be amazed with his mischievous personality by making him part of your desk decor at work.

Once upon a time, Gotham City’s home for the criminally insane was assigned a promising psychologist who went by the name of Dr. Harleen Quinzel. All was well in her life and the Arkham Asylum until she met the Joker. The young promising doctor found herself obsessing over the crazed criminal's warped mind and we can’t stop ourselves obsessing over our multi layered range of Harley Quinn’s home decor.

This transformation from white to vice gave Gotham a menacing diva, the joker a lover, and the world a captivating character that went by the name of the infamous yet bubbly, Harley Quinn. To us, Quinn is more than just a villainess. She’s every bad boy’s dream, and is the epitome of sexiness among the nerds. Her captivating aura makes her a remarkable addition to your existing bedroom decor.

Harley Quinn’s charisma will not only captivate complete attention, but our life-like making will also massively upscale your wall decor game. Harley and Joker have a pretty intense chemistry going on between them. She’s seen aiding the smiley maniac while he destroys lives mercilessly.

When it comes to being bad to the bone, she fits the list of badass villainesses. Ruthless murders, heinous crimes and gruesome plans, she’s done it all to put a smile on her puddin’s face. Her intriguing personality, and ravishing sex appeal is one of the many reasons that compel one to give their spaces a touch of some insane multi layered Harley Quinn wall art.

If we’d have our way, we’d come up with Harley Quinn everything. Fortunately, we do have our way and using state of the art technology we have not only created decor for rooms, but also have created an amazing multi layered range for office desks too.