The Special Sunday

We are in the month that carries the special Sunday, the Mother’s Day. Of course, we all agree our mother’s should be celebrated every day of the year, but don’t we still love the extra appreciation on this day?! It certainly is a deserved affair.

It is the day of the year to express how much you appreciate, admire and adore her. Here are some ideas to spark your mind to show your mom just how special she is to you;

Start the morning off right and whip up her favorite breakfast before she even has the chance to roll out of bed. Perhaps a cup of her preferred tea could just be the perfect touch. Here, she won’t only appreciate you making her favorite breakfast but also the effort of waking up early on a Sunday.

 favorite breakfast


What do women love more than flowers? Nothing! Surprise your mum with a lovely flower arrangement.

lovely flower

lovely flower arrangement


Bring her that special piece she would never consider buying for herself; those accent pillows, fancy bath products, or a pretty trinket she can keep on her nightstand.

accent pillows

fancy bath products


Can you think of a better piece than a wall art for her room? It makes for the perfect gift that she can cherish time and again.

Heart Shaped Tree

The Girl Playing The Piano

The Little Moments

Wall art that displays an endearing quote; there couldn’t be a better gift.

If you don’t want to go whole hog with covering a wall, you can opt for a desk frame with a lovely quote. And how about a desk frame that easily turns into a wall art?! Perfect, eh? Courtesy, HashtagDecor.

Its Always A Good Time To Begin
Its Always A Good Time To Begin

On this special day, make a resolution to spend more time with your mother. Join her at the yoga class or tag along to the super market. She will love to have you around a little more than usual. Perhaps, it may turn out to be a therapy for you both :)

With mothers, a little token of appreciation go just as far as the grandest of gestures.

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Make Small Spaces Appear Larger

There always comes a time where we all feel that our small spaces are starting to get a bit cramped (most Bombayites would agree). Don’t be freaked. There are ways to trick the eye into making a room appear spacious.

We’re listing design tips about how to make it work, and not drive each other crazy. We won’t sacrifice personality in favor of the illusion of a few inches of room.

  • Get the clutter under control :

Clutter can completely take over and make your space look smaller than it already is. Take back your space to keep it cozy (and not crazy).

Get the clutter under control

  • Maximize your windows :

Floor to ceiling drapes are a stylish way to make a low ceiling appear higher. Hanging curtains 15 cm higher than the window will add height to the room. To add a dramatic look, hang your curtains right from the ceiling or just below the cornices. Go vertical and use up the space whenever possible. This living room with small floor plan appears bigger because of its floor to ceiling window treatment.

Maximize your windows

  • Light for tight space :

Just like soaring ceilings and gigantic windows, a well-placed mirror makes for an equally good friend to small spaces. A mirror adds dimension to space and makes a small space appear larger. Place a full body mirror right behind the light source to maximize the light’s reach. Be it a pendant light, a bedside lamp or even a candle, it will create a magical effect. Also you can create another window by placing a mirror next to or across the real one. Natural light makes a cramped space feel roomier.

Light for tight space
  • Visually light furniture :

Here’s a handy tip. The visually light furniture will allow you to have much more in your space without seeming cramped. In addition to this, you can select airy styles that serve the purpose and leave empty space around your pieces. Also, if large furniture is used wisely, then correct pieces of sizeable furniture can trick the eye into making the room look flamboyant. Here’s a pic of the former option;

Visually light furniture

  • Who says big art is not for small spaces :

You can use cool colors as they recede and won’t make your space look crowded. Place the art on a prominent wall around light furniture piece and make it work for your small space; just like we did in this;

Who says big art is not for small spaces

  • Stay organized and keep up with the system :

Have a place for everything so it can go back in its place. Try to accommodate all your storage needs in one compact area. You can also use furniture that discreetly stores some stuff. Like an ottoman or bed with storage can come very handy.

Stay organized and keep up with the system

Don’t store anything that you think ‘might’ come handy some day.

We’d love to hear some tips from you that we couldn’t cover. Drop in your tips in the comments section :)

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Give Your Walls The Power To Express

The month that everybody loves (other than their birthday month 😉 ) is February. Most people long for this month that carries the warmth of love. It’s time to express affection and friendship. How do you plan to surprise your beloved?

Baffled about what to get? You definitely want a one of a kind gift; and for that skip chocolates and teddies this year. Gift your beloved something they can cherish every day of their life. Here’s a list of uncommon Valentines Day gifts;

Decor for their space is a great place to start;

Let them wake up to this ecstatic wall art that beautifully abides flowers and balloons.

Let the symbol of the most romantic city adorn the walls of their space. These shots of Eiffel Tower at twilight is the creativity of photographer Assaf Frank and HashtagDecor brings them to you in form of wooden wall art.

These wall decor pieces boast of a striking display that leave its audience awestruck.

Paris emotion

Cheer them up with a bunch of eternal roses by hanging this monochromatic wall art in their room. This makes the usual bunch of roses look SO much better.


Have them come home to some eternal love. Surprise them with the elegance of cupid and psyche after you two return from a romantic dinner date.


  • Add the happy colors to their space.

Let this message on a color rich background inspire them each day. In words of a wise person, life is too short to waste over hatred.

“You can use this piece of art as wall decor as well as desk decor.”

life-is-too-short-desktop life-is-short-wall-art

Get this unique narration of love that creates poetry without words.

Get your love something that lasts and make them feel more contented to have you in their lives. Hope these suggestions win you some extra brownie points this year 😉

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Revamp Your House with the Best Feng Shui Colors this Diwali

Diwali is right around the corner, and for the most of us this festival translates into an excuse for a home makeover. With Diwali coming in early this year, we’re sure you haven’t had the time to plan a complete overhaul. But you don’t have to stress anymore! HashtagDecor ensures you do up your home just right in crunch time.

This festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil, calls for good energies into homes and using the right Feng Shui colors couldn’t be more fitting on this auspicious occasion.

We know for a fact that we all respond to colors in predictable ways and each color brings the desired Feng Shui energies to our home. Also, it’s the easiest way to bring change with little or no commitment.

Let’s find out which color is best Feng Shui for your home and how can you easily incorporate them in very little time:

  • Yellow :

The color yellow wakes up any room like the rising sun. This cheerful color brightens every space, spreading warmth and happiness. Any dull room will benefit from a yellow decor scheme to compensate for the lack of sunlight.

Paint can seem too tedious right now. Simply pick a prominent wall and paint it with this bright, happy color.

  • Red :

The color red carries the energy of the fire Feng Shui element. Fire being a symbol of divine energy, it can be creative but if not used right, it can be destructive. It’s an element to be used with caution. When used cautiously, a balanced red Feng Shui color scheme signifies luck and luxury. Rather than going whole hog with red furnishing or a red wall, you can use the color red in details or accessories.

If red seems too intense for your home or work space, use other fire elements of Feng Shui – bright yellow, orange, pink or purple.

  • Green :

The color green belongs to the wood element of Feng Shui that signifies renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings. It brings healing Feng Shui vibrations from mother nature, calming your nerves and balancing your body to further nourish your health.

To create a good Feng Shui house with a green color scheme, it is important that you use at least 3 different shades of green in order to have its healing effect work its magic. This contemporary living space represents the perfect décor scheme that uses different shades of the wood element.

If having a spring green couch is a little too bold for your house, you can always find a beautiful green paint for a prominent wall and compliment it with a vibrant wall art that carries different shades of green.

  • Orange :

This social color promotes lively conversations and good times into your house. Borrow this warm color from nature’s palette to cozy up your space. The vibrant, happy color is ideal for the living space, kid’s room, dining room or any space that needs a pulsating energy.

  • White :

This color that belongs to the Metal Feng Shui element is easy to intentionally incorporate in your décor to create good Feng Shui energies. The color carries crisp, clear and clean energies that soothe your psyche and spread healing Feng Shui vibrations throughout the house. Bonus – It seamlessly blends with any color!

  • Blue :

This magnificent color ranges from subtle sky blue to serene blue-green color to a deep indigo of the crown chakra. This water Feng Shui element brings in the energy of calm and overall sense of relaxation. Light blue signifies harmonious expansion while a deep blue evokes the energy of deep calm and serenity.

However, an all-blue décor isn’t good Feng Shui. You can bring in the needed blue with a prominent wall or art depicting blue, just like this room does;

You’d agree, crunch time is no excuse to not recreate your space on occasion of Diwali. So buckle up and explore the creative decorator in you.

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Bring in the Festival of New Beginnings with HashtagDecor

We’ve all started prepping for Ganesh Chaturthi, 10-day-long celebration that leaves us feeling united in a wave of religious fervor. Lets greet the most widely celebrated festival that unites people of all faith in thought and deed.

We love coming together to decorate shrines, over-flooding our house with flowers and the sweet-toothed among us wait to get their hands on Modak. With great enthusiasm, we bring home the idol of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.

Using a lot of imagination, the Ganesha idols are creatively set up, with each pandal being a work of art. This makes pandal hopping binge a must, making it the best time of the year to experience the zest and energy of this city. We definitely have people in our circles going for an all-night pandal-hopping spree.

The devotees cannot get enough of Lord Ganesha and nor can we at the house of HashtagDecor. Our artists have crafted astounding wooden wall arts of Bappa in multiple layers that deserve a spot on your wall.

Here goes the unique range of Ganesha wall art to match your interiors;






















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How would they décor it – Game of Thrones/ A Game of Decor and Design

Character inspiration continues.

For this week, we thought long and hard about which characters to base our furnishings on. Then the inspiration struck. With the season finale out there in all of it’s glory, how could we not combine two of our favourite interests, Game of thrones and Decor?

Therefore we are resuming our last week’s series, with a few of more of the character inspired decors. Here is our take on how our favourite GOT characters would design their rooms if they lived in the contemporary world:

  • Kissed by Fire:

Daenerys Targaryen is the Stormborn, Mother of Dragons, million other things and is also one of the strongest characters on the series. But she has always shown a remarkable love for an easy, happy life. A simple girl by birth and a queen by choice, Daenerys’ decor should definitely reflect this. The simple and anomalistic design with its bold bursts of colors here and there suit her personality well. The clean lines of the decor with and the white horses art panel by Hashtag decor fit the room for the lovely and fair stormborn queen.


  • The Lady of the North:

Sansa Stark, the eldest daughter of House Stark is a true warrior; her honour and dedication to protect her family and their legacy has made her the reigning Lady in the North. She is also very creative and her fine sense of style has been noted quite a few times. The contemporary, warm design reflect Sansa’s love and respect for home and hearth. The butterfly wallpaper, abundant flower vases reflect her inner feminity and beauty but the needlework Wolf poster is a reminder of who she is, and where she comes from.


  • Lord Snow:

Jon Snow, Lord Commander of the Night Watch, and *spoiler* current King of the North is an absolute favourite on the show. He is smart, loyal, quite the swordsman and commander. He is also known for his brooding good looks and deep, idealistic thinking. The sharply defined minimalistic lines of the decor and clutter free room are a reflection of Jon’s love for simple living and high thinking. An abundance of books, the warrior horse and the overall shadowy vibe of the room suit this dark, brooding knight well.


  • The Rose:

Maergery Tyrell, the regent queen from House Tyrell was known for her beauty and keen intellect. Her considerable intelligence was cleverly disguised by her polite and diplomatic demeanour. She also had a very feminine sense of style and soul full of compassion. The feminine and classic decor suits Maregery to the core. She was the queen and the traditional design reflects her royal stature and coupled with abundant flowers and other feminine fripperies, it is a room for Princess Tyrell.


  • Baelish:

Petyr Littlefinger Baelish, the man has been one of the most influential characters on the show. Known for pulling strings right and left, he conceals his razor sharp intellect by diplomatic, romantic gestures but everyone knows the man is all about power. The luxurious but subtle home study reflect Petyr’s understated authority. The safe in his study is evident given the proven dexterity in economics of this former Master of Coin. The warm, comfortable elegance of the decor echoed through the classic book shelf and the serene desktop panel suit this master influencer well.


  • Little Lion Man :

Tyrion Lannister; tiny man, huge intelligence. Similar to Jon, he has been a favourite with the audiences from the very first episode. Tyrion’s unmatched wit and sense of honour coupled with his amazing leadership skills make him an ideal hand of the king or queen in this case. Wine and women being his only weakness, Tyrion does have a thing for luxury. The lush and fine decor are a reflection of Tyrion’s grand and classy style. Obviously, the book shelf is heavily loaded and there is a gorgeous wine decanter in the room, because in Tyrion’s own words, “I drink and I know things, that’s what I do”. Well he certainly knows his room decor complete with his stunning house sigil. .


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How would they décor it- F.R.I.E.N.D.S

It’s character inspiration time!

How many times have we gone up to the napkins range at the supermarket and said to ourselves ‘Well, these are too pretty. They will go straight into the Fancy Guests’ pile’, after all there’s a little bit of Monica or Rachel in all of us. Not just those two but all of these six characters have been a permanent part of our lives for a very long time.

We may not open a Central Perk café or plan a FRIEND’s themed bridal shower but directly or indirectly they are reflected in many of our life decisions including one of the most important ones including *cough cough* our decor.

Here are the ways we imagine our FRIENDS characters would plan their décor. Can you pick out which is Monica and which is Phoebe?

  • A little bit of Monica in my life:

Monica: The chef and the OCD queen. She is also the ultimate hostess, a pillar of warmth and hospitality. Her happy place is obviously, Her Kitchen!

Monica has a definite and appealing sense of style. She may not be a fashionista but she sure knows her decor. The contemporary classic kitchen style represents Monica to the core with its clean and efficient lines defining the decor neatly, along with traditional touches accentuated by the warm colors and old wood furnishings giving it a clean, shiny but also a happy look.

Her chef hat and 11 categories of towels are neatly placed in the cabinets and are the quirks that make her Monica and obviously, she has a closet full of china.


  • A little bit of Rachel by my side:

Rachel: The fashionista, the prom queen, the pampered child who eventually grows into her own. Rachel is the beautiful, compassionate if slightly naïve, best friend of Monica’s, who decides to make it out on her own in this world.

Rachel’s primary interest all through her life has been fashion and no need to mention, her sense of style is exquisite be it clothes or decor.

The modern and feminine design is completely Rachel as she is fashion conscious but always adds her touch of delicacy and warmth to the mix. The contemporary furniture complemented with pastel colors and tiny pops of color here and there really suit Rachel. The closet full of fine clothes, film noir posters and the Little Women on the shelf are all the little things Rachel she needs by her side.


  • A little Phoebe’s all we need:

Phoebe: The ditsy, amusing and colourful masseuse, who is also a part time telemarketer, cop and a million other things.

Phoebe is all about color and fun, so why should her décor be an exception? The bursts of different shades and patterns throughout the living room are so Phoebe. The open and wide Bohemian design coupled with mystical artworks and vintage phone complete the look. Obviously, there a lot of candles and scented trays in the room; she needs some peaceful ambience to write original works of poetry, like the ‘Smelly cat’.


  • A little bit of Chandler is what we see:

Chandler: The sarcastic, funny copywriter, whose glass is always half empty. Chandler is known for his dry wit and sense of humour and why should his décor not carry the essence of his unique and fun personality?

The no fuss, clutter-free bedroom lined with his basic essentials like bed, books and of course the Pacman machine is essentially, the cut and dry Chandler. The sassy, ‘I don’t give a shit’, desktop frame from Hashtag Décor suits him utterly and yes, his wall is a collage of superhero and comic book posters, because even big boys need their toys.


  • A little bit of Joey in the room.

Joey: Sweet, if a little dim but lovable Joey is an actor who loves his television and his pizza. Joey is a little child trapped in an attractive Italian fully grown womanizer and his décor reflects his playful and cool attitude.

The bright and vivid color pallete coupled with lots of ceramic artworks, give the room a retro and vintage look that is entirely Joey. Needless to mention the big, fat leather chair, huge television and foosball table in the room because wherever Joey is, they will be.


  • A little bit of Ross, here it is:

Ross: the dinosaur loving nerd, who falls in love a little too fast and a little too easy. Ross is a palaeontologist, who loves studying evolution and the nature in its entire plethora; his rustic, jagged vintage looking home study replicates these tastes wholly.

The old wood furnishings and dinosaur artefacts complete the rustic look and the portraits of Rachel and Emma mirror truly the devoted father he is. The lovely nature, wall and desktop panels by Hashtag Décor, also give it an overall calm and serene look. There is an Apollo 11 model on his desk, which is obviously a reminder; he was and will always be a proud geek at heart.


Did you like the décor looks done in the shades of all our favourite characters? Tell us your favourite décor look in the comments section below and Happy Décor to you!

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This Father’s Day build your Dad the Man Cave he’s always been dreaming of

Who run the world? Moms. But there is something to be said about our loving dads too. After all can you imagine a world where cockroaches are not emergently eliminated by dad or minor furniture reparations are not seen to by your father?

For all the care and maintenance our dads have provided us (and our furniture) through the years, this Father’s Day give them a lair that they can exclusively enjoy and escape into.

Here are a few ideas to form that perfect Man Cave for your dad:

  • The Big Fat Couch:

No man cave can be complete without a big, fluff couch that your dad can relax on. Dark shades are more suitable for this as man caves have more mysterious vibes to them. You can also experiment with metallic shades or use throws and couches to neutralize the overall effects of a darker couch.

big, fluff couch

Dark shades fluff couch

  • Tipsy Trinkets:

It’s always the little things that define the overall décor. Tiny utilities here and there would help you complete the overall look of the room and also provide greater function to it. The stylish Man Cave bottle opener and the Dad Established beer mug are great additions for your Man Lair. You can also add other small items such as bar towels or cubbies here and there for a complete look.

 beer mug

bottle opener

bar towels


  • You Can Bet On It:

It’s Poker time! A stylish and ornate poker table is an absolute must have for your man cave. You can go with the wooden rustic tables like the one in the picture or you could experiment with metallic, slicker designs.

Pool table or a foosball set are a great addition to your dad’s manly haven.

ornate poker table

  • Poster Perfect:

Usually man lairs are done in darker, metallic shades that give it a dungeon like and secluded feel. What better way to define those dark walls than to add cool posters that go well with the décor. If your dad is a superhero fan, then you can choose from authentic and classy wall panels from HashtagDécor to complete your manly space.



This father’s day chill out with your dad in his new happy place that you created. Happy Décor to you!

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The Perfect Décor for your New Home Buddy

Sharing your apartment can be a fun and practical idea because it makes sense not only economically but also socially. After all who wouldn’t love to have a Leonard for their Sheldon or a Will to their Grace?

But while having a roommate is great for you, it can be a complete nightmare to your unsuspecting apartment. Sharing your apartment is a major lifestyle change because your new home buddy comes with their own style and baggage, literally and figuratively.

But no need to panic, here are a few tips about your interior design that will make this transition easier not just for you but your apartment décor as well:

  • The one with the Couch:

This tip is the one about the couch. A couch is a very important part of your living room décor. But now with a new home buddy, you need to make it bigger and better because it’s not just about making room for them but their social circle as well. A great solution for this would be a sofa cum bed couch that can be easily expanded to accommodate incoming guests. You can also get the bed cum couch cum sofa chairs just like in the picture below which is even more versatile and nifty.

bed cum couch

couch cum sofa

  • The one with the Paint:

What better way to welcome your new home buddy than to paint their room in a shade and or in an art mural that they love. It doesn’t modulate your décor completely and a new paint job always looks great. You can also try graffiti with the wire art for an interesting and chic look.

The categories range from Urban Eclectic to Modern Glamour and have exclusive and one of a kind merchandise that is very hard to find anywhere.

an art mural

graffiti with the wire art

Modern Glamour

  • 3) The one with the Art:

Fun pieces of art for walls and desks are a great way to personalize the décor without doing any radical changes. Use the amazing and diverse collection of wall and dektop panels from Hashtag décor to decorate your new roommate’s room. From cool Batman wall panels to abstract art prints, there are a lot of cool and sassy designs that you can choose from.





  • The one with the Lights:

There is always need and a place for pretty lights. Your new roommate can definitely get a lot of use out of the lights and they also compliment any kind of décor. Lights are not only useful but they can be easily customized for future use and different rooms.

Few of the décor items we absolutely love are:

pretty lights

pretty lights

pretty lights

So welcome your new apartment partner with style and have a ball decorating.

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Décor that will Jazz up Every Music Lover’s Room

Remember the time when you had a huge Gun N Roses poster overlooking your bed, stacks of records on your book shelf and 3 guitars lying around your room and considered it a music lover’s paradise? Well, with time just as you, your music tastes change, grow and evolve. Then, why should your décor be left behind.

Here are a few ways through which you can easily incorporate your inner music nerd in the room furnishings that reflect your individual tastes without compromising on the elegance of your décor.

  • Writings on the wall:

A tattered rock star poster on your wall may not say elegant décor but there are a lot of options to work with for your music themed design. The stunning and unique metal and wood wall panels by HashtagDécor are quite up to the task. Designed meticulously, these panels are ideal for any music lover whether it is the abstract art mural or the resounding retro drum panel.

If you want to decorate your room with a specific artist or genre in mind, all you have to do is send in the picture to HashtagDécor and they will customize the panel to suit your particular requirement.





  • Lean on:

Stylish and useful furniture is always a great comfort to lean on. What could be better than customizing it according to your one true passion? The chic harp-infused chair, vinyl cup cake stand are examples of how you can include music utilities into your furniture design.

You can also customize your furniture and go into further detailing like the organ pipe bed frame or the album art coffee table to suit your current interior design.

harp-infused chair

album art coffee table

pipe bed frame

vinyl cup cake stand

audio cassette deck

  • Love the way you lie:

How could your perfect music décor be complete without some amazing melody themed beddings?

With the chic and classy, David Bowie, comforter and the abstract music art printed beddings, you would definitely love the way you lie on your bed. Other than bed sheets, you can also experiment with music themed throw pillows, pillow cases, quilts and rugs that would not only bring out your inner music lover but would also make your décor more cheerful and comfortable.

printed beddings

printed beddings

printed beddings

pillow cases

  • A little less employ, a little more style:

Little music themed knick knacks here and there are a must have for your décor. Artfully printed wooden and metal desktop frames by HashtagDécor look stylish and fun and suit your rhythm inspired furnishings. Just like the wall panels, they can be customized to any size, shape and work for any design that you love.



You can also experiment with themed wall hangings, candlesticks, potholders and trays. The equalizer coat hanger is another classy and unique touch to your music themed interior design.

equalizer coat hanger

So bring out your music nerd and let your imagination run wild on this one.

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